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    Reviews of the apps have become as synonymous as the apps themselves. They are either written on the app page of the store itself, especially by the general users, or on any other website, especially by any app expert. They are very important to the makers of the apps, they serve many purposes. The many advantages of the app reviews are as follows:


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    To the Creators of the apps.

    1. An app review gives a truly valuable feedback from the users to the makers. The makers vouch for them.

    2. An app review determines the future course of action of the developer. he/she plans the next step depending on the feedback from the users.

    3. The reviews of the app help in improving the app in its future versions. mostly a better version of the app is released.

    4. The reviews of a particular app also determine the fate of any other app, maybe similar, being made by the developer, if any.

    5. App reviews basically give a "stamp of approval" for the app in the eyes of the app downloaders.

    6. Sometimes, the developers get direct suggestions for any changes, bugs, improvements in the app from the users. This becomes easy for them to take the necessary action.

    7. The more the reviews of the app, the more chances of the app to be used by more people.

    8. The developer feels a sense of reward, accomplishment, contentment and confidence for working hard to make the app; after reading the app reviews.

    9. With the app review, the developer can directly engage with his/her users about various aspects regarding the app.

    10. The app reviews help in increasing the number of downloads of the app on the Store. Which in turn increases the revenue of the developer.

    11. The app can feature on the suggested tab of the home page if it has many reviews which are positive. This also helps in discoverability and downloads of the app.

    To the Users of the App.


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    1. Reviews of the app give a platform for the users to express themselves.

    2. The users can directly vent their suggestions to the developer on the app page itself.

    3. The developer obviously will tell all the positive things about the app on the app page, in order for the user to surely download it. But the reviews section gives a truly clear picture of the app to the potential users. They, beforehand get to know any issues, bugs etc of the app.

    4. Because of the reviews, the users get updates, improvements of the app.

    5. The developer can release a free beta version of the app for the users to try before the full version is released; which is based on the reviews of the beta version.

    The App Reviews do a very important work of constantly improvising the apps for the users and for the developers to become more better app makers

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